Depression can be the result of so many different experiences you may have had. Some people suffer because of relationship breakdown, loneliness, divorce, bereavement, illness, financial, job loss and such like. Sometimes the person is totally lost for words or reasons why this is how it is. That is okay. I can support you with this.

Many thoughts and behaviours can surface with depression

  • You may not want to get out of bed
  • You do not do the activities you used to do
  • Feel like you have no social life
  • Weight/alcohol consumption/ smoking has become an issue
  • Sleep is unsettled
  • Feel exhausted, worried, and emotional often.
  • Prefer isolating knowing it is not good for you
  • Avoid social events
  • Binge eat or lack of eating

If you identify with any of this then hypnotherapy can help. I show you tools and techniques to use to help you lift your mood and boost your wellbeing and confidence. I help you navigate towards a healthier you. Medication treats symptoms but hypnotherapy can treat causes. Through hypnotherapy, long term improvement is created.

If you would like help to feel more positive please get in touch.

How can I help you?

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