Happiness is a fascinating area to discuss. I enjoy watching people’s faces when they are talking about some memory they love recalling. The face lights up like a christmas tree. Smiles widen and the eyes move around. If you could not hear the sound you would clearly see this person is talking about something they are happy to be talking about. So during therapy I encourage the client to tell me what has been good the past week. It can be little things like having more energy. Many clients share that the ‘sleep track’ makes a real difference to the amount of ‘quality sleep’ they get. The bonus ball here is people have more energy to do the things they enjoy which boosts their happiness levels. They start to feel less anxious and more positive as sleep patterns stabilise.

Recalling positive thoughts and images increases serotonin, improving happiness. Spending time with people that make you feel good again increases positive chemicals in the brain. You can start to feel happier using simple techniques and skills. I can teach you how to practice these skills in my sessions.