Phobias and Fears

It is not uncommon to have a Phobia or Fear. It may be something in your life that causes you to feel very anxious and frightened. Feeling disabled because of this can cause isolation and affect the way you live your life. We can help!

Specific phobias – this could be the trip to the dentist, going on a date, flying, needles or spiders.  Everything else is normal.  Using a combination of trance/hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic processes (NLP) we can help shift these phobias.

The approach involves four structured sessions:

INITIAL CONSULTATION 50 mins – First meeting is about an understanding of the brain and how it operates with regard to phobias and fears. We will discuss how trance/hypnotherapy and its process alleviates this problem.

PRE-REWIND SESSION 50 mins – Hypnosis session – relaxation which encourages familiarisation of the process, aiding an understanding and effectiveness of goal sought.

REWIND SESSION 50 mins – In a calm and supported space, we will explore the traumatic event. Throughout this exercise, we desensitise the inappropriate reaction.

REFRAME SESSION 50 mins – We establish a new appropriate response pattern. Using skills and techniques this new controlled frame of reference takes precedence.

Non-specific phobias – a response to a situation that has got worse. Two common examples are agoraphobia and emetophobia. Treating these phobias typically requires around 8-10 sessions, and stress or anxiety can sometimes worsen them.

How can I help you?

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