Sessions & Prices

Initial consultation 50 mins £70
Follow up Sessions 50 mins £70
Smoking cessation 120 mins £140

Fifty minutes is the time for the session. Here you can explain why you are seeking help. We can get to know each other in this time. I take some basic details and ask you next, what you would like to get from the hypnotherapy sessions. People may aim for less anxiety, less stress, weight management, improved sports performance or quitting smoking for example. Whatever it is rest assured we can help.

Next, is an explanation of the workings of the brain in relation to your issue and what we can do to help so you manage or cope much better.  Finally, I make clear for you how hypnosis works and its effectiveness. A hypnosis experience is very normal and more common than we think. We can agree here how many sessions and I give you the hypnotic induction download or CD.

Follow up sessions

Follow up sessions are 50 mins. A review of the past week since our last session and then a focus on what has been good. A revision of an understanding of how the mind works. As a Solution Focused Therapist, we ask questions designed to encourage you to think positively. The client works quite hard in this area to achieve their goals.

The hypnosis session is the last part, which people enjoy the most as it is a relaxing and enjoyable experience designed to consolidate the whole therapy session.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking cessation session lasts 2 hours. A preparation sheet and sleep track is given to you 7 days prior to your session of hypnotherapy. Full client commitment is required then hypnotherapy is successful. Listening to the track is a major part of the process each night before you sleep. This is all explained in the initial consultation.

Cancellation Policy

  • We require 48 hours’ notice for cancellations.
  • Less than 48 Hours will be payable at the full rate.
  • Zoom sessions are available if you cannot make it to the clinic.