Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is all about focusing on the present and the future. You will be relieved to know you do not need to delve into the past or relive certain unpleasant memories.

We work together collaboratively, reducing anxiety, promoting calm and peace of mind.

In the session at my clinic or online I guide you through the process but it is you that makes the change happen by taking these steps, because this is what you want. The willingness for change is the key.

What to expect

Our first session allows us to get to know one another. Here I can gather some information and form a treatment plan. I will explain to you how the brain works in relation to what you are struggling with.

Understanding why you are suffering and what we can do to help is an important part of this process. A huge relief and new perspective on the matter is noticed here from yourself. We will discuss approximately how many sessions you may need and your commitment required to bring about these changes. I will encourage you to listen to the relaxation download between our sessions.

Subsequent sessions

Sessions are 50 mins and are in two parts. First part, the talking therapy (psychotherapy) here we reflect on the positives of your week, your goals and how we get you there. The second part is a period of trance (hypnosis) clients say this is a ‘relaxing and enjoyable experience’. I lead you into relaxation using positive images, indirect suggestion and metaphors. This stage works importantly with your subconscious mind and consolidates your goals we spoke about in the session.

These sessions are relaxing, uplifting and a lot of the time fun. Clients say they look forward to these sessions.

Hypnotherapy is Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy combined…

Hypnosis is a natural state actually. Can you reflect on a time where you drove or walked somewhere and didn’t really think about it? Or something similar like making a brew, watching TV, reading a book and your thoughts just drift off somewhere else nicely? I feel it is like a ‘mind massage’. This is hypnotic – trance and you can understand things while this is happening and of course you can bring yourself out of it should you want to do that. Clients enjoy this soothing part of the session the most.

Psychotherapy is a talking therapy and aims to reduce anxieties. There are many disciplines. Mine is a solution focused approach so we do not focus on the past but where you are now and your preferable future. I help you navigate and steer your way there.