Weight management

Has your weight got out of control?

Up or down? 

Is this affecting how you feel about yourself?

Are you stuck in negative patterns you would like to break?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps you to manage what you are eating by focusing on what you would like to achieve.  SFH helps you find the motivation to bring forth satisfying results.  People may have tried many ways to manage their weight and lost the will to be consistent or felt really overwhelmed. Binge eating or no eating can result. Hypnotherapy helps you to focus.  It supports you to take small steps with a plan to suit.

Hypnotherapy reduces stress levels and manages sleep helping you to feel positive. Stress is inextricably associated with eating patterns. Results show hypnotherapy helps you find the motivation to sensibly choose your food and exercise with a plan that suits you!

I have also worked successfully in Public Health with this area for many years.  Just call and make a start to end the struggle.

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